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Service Portal and Searchable Knowledge Base

  • In the top sectionof this page, select the Services or the Knowledge Base link to:
    • view and request technology related Services, or report an issue and get support
    • view and search the Knowledge Base that offers hundreds of articles to find the resources and information you're looking for
  • Bookmark the service portal: services.metrostate.edu

Metro State IET Service Center

  • Contact Institutional Effectiveness and Technology (IET) Service Center for support via email, phone, chat, remote desktop support, or by walk-in
  • Hours: IET Service Center Support Hours
  • Location: St. Paul campus, New Main - L105    Phone: 651-793-1240    Email: service.center@metrostate.edu
  • Report an incident - It is important to provide StarID, your contact info, including the best phone number you may be reached, and what the issue is
  • Get Remote Desktop Support available from any university owned device from the desktop icon named "Technology Services Chat"

What is my Metro State email address?

  • Your Metro State email address uses your first and last name and follows the format: first.last@metrostate.edu
    • If there is more than one employee with the same name, a period and number is added with the format: first.last.#@metrostate.edu
  • Your email address is what others use to send you an email and what others see when you send them an email.
  • Your email address is different than your email login (for email login refer to section below).

What is my Metro State email login?

  • Your Metro State email login uses your StarID and follows the format: StarID@minnstate.edu; also known as your MinnState login
    • Your email login is different than your email address (for email address refer to section above).
  • To log in to your Metro State email:
  • To log in go to: Email *consider bookmarking this site
    • Username: StarID@go.minnstate.edu
    • Password: StarID password

What is my StarID?

  • StarID is used across all Minnesota State (MnSCU) institutions. StarID is never duplicated and never re-assigned
  • Once a StarID is issued, it can be used over the lifetime of a relationship with Minnesota State, even if you move from one institution within MinnState to another.
  • More information in regards to StarID can be found here: https://starid.minnstate.edu/help/
  • A StarID is 2 letters - 4 numbers - 2 letters. For example, ab1234cd
  • Your StarID is used to access many systems including D2L, eServices, and Metro State computers

How do I reset my StarID password?

  • Your StarID password must be reset using the StarID Self Service site https://starid.minnstate.edu.
  • Note: You cannot use the password reset on Microsoft's login page
  • The most efficient way to reset your password is with a personal email address that is associated with your StarID. Otherwise, you can use your Tech ID or call the Service Center at 651-793-1240 during Service Center hours.
  • After the reset, eServices and D2L will be accessible immediately while Employee Email (Microsoft 365) will have a delay up to 30 minutes
  • To Reset A StarID Password:
    1. Go to StarID Self Service at https://starid.minnstate.edu
    2. Click “Reset my Password" link
    3. Click on the option “I know my email.” You will need to use your personal email address (such as a Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) to obtain a verification code. Do NOT use your Metropolitan State University email.
    4. Enter the verification code sent to your personal email as well as your last name.
    5. Set a new password
    6. Login to your employee email here (REMINDER: this can take 30 minutes to sync after the reset)

MFA - Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Multi-factor authentication is an additional form of authentication which provides an added layer of account protection, beyond just your password
  • For detailed MFA information read article: MFA Setup Process and Overview
  • New employees are required to set up MFA before logging into their Metro State email
  • If you are transferring from another MinnState system, institution, you do not need to setup MFA again
    • Your StarID and employee MFA setup are the same across all MinnState institutions
  • If you are both a student and employee, you will need to set up MFA on both your student account and your employee account.

Changing Primary email address to Metro State

  • If you work or have worked at multiple Minnesota State institutions, each institution has its own email address.
    • For example, you work at Hennepin Tech as a community faculty member, and also work at Metro State, you will have employee@metrostate.edu and employee@hennepintech.edu
  • All email addresses assigned to you from a MinnState institution are associated with one email account, which you sign into with StarID@minnstate.edu
  • When you assign Metro State as your primary email address, it will become the default email address displayed on email that you send to other people.
  • To Select Metro as your Primary email address
    1. Go to https://starid.minnstate.edu
    2. Select Sign in to Profile and use your StarID and StarID password
    3. Select the Office 365 Contact tab
    4. Select Select New Contact Card and select your Metro State email address
  • It will take 24 hours for the change to take effect.

Connect to Wi-Fi

  • All Metro State campuses use the eduroam network, a secure Wi-Fi connection for all your devices
  • University provided laptops will automatically connect to eduroam when it is in range.
    • If a university provided laptop does not automatically connect to eduroam, contact the IET Service Center.
  • To sign in to the network with a personal device, select eduroam and use the following login information:
    • Username: Metro State Email Address (first.last@metrostate.edu)
    • Password: StarID password

Office 365 for Personal Devices

Microsoft OneDrive

  • OneDrive is the Microsoft cloud storage service that allows you to store, share, and access files from anywhere on any device
  • Sign in to the OneDrive app on your computer to access your files offline
  • To access your files online
    1. Go to  https://office.com *consider bookmarking this site
    2. Use credentials:
      • Username: StarID@minnstate.edu
      • Password: StarID password
    3. Select the app launcher at the top left  Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
    4. Select OneDrive  Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


my.metro is a central location for university faculty and staff to access internal information - including, forms, databases, applications, articles, links to frequently used third-party tools, and much more. Log in using StarID@minnstate.edu and StarID password.

Get started with article: my.metro Employee Overview or view all my.metro articles.

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