Employee Parking Enrollment

All new employees will register for parking enrollment. Existing employees will use this form to request changes to their current parking declaration.

Parking Election Options Employee Type Payment Options

Enroll in automatic payroll deduction which allows unlimited parking at all University locations.


Resident Faculty

Payroll Deduction

Enroll in University-provided parking, pay per lump sum. 

Note: Community faculty pay once per semester, payments must be made no later than the first day of class for each semester.

Community Faculty 

Payable once per semester by cash, check or credit card, in person at Gateway Student Services on the St.Paul Campus.


Via credit card online Employee Dashboard (eservices) https://www.minnstate.edu/employees/index.html

Enroll in University-provided parking intermittently and pay the $5.00 daily rate when I park.

Community Faculty

Resident Faculty


Via credit card online Employee Dashboard (eservices) https://www.minnstate.edu/employees/index.html

Payable at a self-service kiosk by credit or debit card. (where available)

Declare non-use of University-provided parking facilities.


Click on Parking Declaration Form (above, right) to complete the declaration of non use.

NOTE: This option only needs to be submitted once during the current fiscal year.

For those that wish to stop automatic parking deduction from your paycheck  go here: Payroll Deduction for Parking Cancellation Request

​​​University-provided parking facilities locations include:

  • Metro State parking lot or ramp in Saint Paul (700 East 7th Street)
  • Midway (1450 Energy Park Drive) 
  • Energy Park Place (1380 Energy Park Drive)
  • Maplewood (Dental Clinic)
  • Brooklyn Park (LECJEC) 
  • All community and technical college locations
  • Other commercially leased space

Benefits of Payroll Parking Deduction

  • Saves money – Not only is the $18.00/pay period parking deduction paid pre-tax, but this rate is the equivalent to the full-time rate paid by students, and therefore is the lowest rate allowable by law.
  • Easy - simply enter and exit the parking ramp (St. Paul Campus and MCTC) by tapping your Metro State ID card. Note: A parking hang tag will be provided to display in your vehicle for locations that are not access controlled.
  • Saves time - no need to visit a self-service kiosk to pay per visit
  • An eco-friendly solution - ticket free!

Additional Information

Parking Declaration Form

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