Webex Faxing

Instructions: Send a Fax

  • Step 1) Open the Webex app from your computer and enter your StarID username: StarID@minnstate.edu and select Next.

  • Step 2) Click Fax icon (left navigation)

  • Step 3) Next, the UCX window will display:
    • a) Enter your StarID username: StarID@minnstate.edu, then select Continue.
    • b) Next, you must select Accept to the request prompt.
    • c) Select Send a Fax from the upper-left

  • Step 4) Fill in the online fax form; each form field is listed below with a brief description:
    • Senders Data:
      • Your Full Name: Make sure your first and last name is reflected or edit as needed
    • Recipients:
      • Recipient Name: Enter recipient name(s)
      • Recipient Fax Number: Enter the fax number you are sending to
      • List of selected recipients: This will display the recipient name(s) and fax number you entered - described in the two bullet above.
    • Fax Body:
      • Subject: Enter the subject of the fax
      • Cover page: Optional - There are default cover pages that can be used or create your own in Word
      • Add Attachment: Check mark the box as this is the fax document
      • Text: Write a brief message
    • Send Fax:
      • Priority: This does not need to be changed
      • Select File: Select this button. This option will not display unless you have check marked Add Attachment box.
      • Attach your Fax document: Select Add, browse to your fax document, select Open then select Send fax button.
      • Once you have sent your fax, a message will display that your fax has been submitted to the server with the option to track your fax status or send another fax.

       View Sent fax details and Received faxes

  • Located in the upper-left of the fax window, pictured above, you can:
  • select Outbox to verify and view details of your sent faxes
  • select Inbox to view your received faxes
    • Faxes received in your Inbox can be downloaded as .tiff or PDF format
    • for .tiff format, select the first icon listed under Download
    • for PDF format, select the second listed icon under Download



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