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  • What is Microsoft Teams?
  • How do I access Teams?
  • What training resources are available to learn about Microsoft Teams?


  • Microsoft Teams is a collaboration application integrated with Microsoft Office 365. This tool is designed to allow groups of people to work together. Within each team, users can create different channels to organize communication by topic. Teams let participants access files, have conversations and schedule voice and video meetings – all in one place.  
  • You can access Teams in the Microsoft Office 365 portal Use your MinnState O365 login.
  • Once you are in the MS Office portal you can click on the Teams icon and select to download the Teams desktop Windows app or use the web app. 

Training and Help Resources

Microsoft Resources

9 Best Practices for Teams Conversations

  • Chat and share files in Teams
  • Organize Teams and Channels.
    • When to create a Team and when to create a channel?
    • Create a Team when collaboration requires a unique group of members. If you already have a Team with those members, use a channel.
    • Create a channel to focus discussions on a topic.

Training Videos

LinkedIn Learning Video and Training Courses

  • As a Metropolitan State University student, faculty or staff member you have access to LinkedIn Learning. This online learning & training resource provides access to a library of thousands of training courses.
  • There many videos and courses to learn about MS Teams. Once you are logged in to LinkedIn Learning you can  type in “Microsoft Teams” to view available learning resources.

Here are just a few examples:

Using Help

View Microsoft Teams help and learning

An easy option to access Microsoft O365 training, learning resources and instructions is from your MinnState Office 365 (O365) account at

  • Log in to your O365 account using your MinnState Office 365 (O365) login, in the upper right, next to your initials click on the “?”.
  • In the search field you can use key terms to search for specific information or use search terms such as, "Teams" to get video training and other learning resources search results.
  • In addition to the Microsoft help from your account, there is also a Teams help menu.


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