Cisco IP Phone: Conference Phone Overview and Guide

General Information:

Phone Overview


  1. LED Bar
  2. Wired Microphone Ports
  3. Mute Bar
  4. Softkey Buttons
  5. Navigation Bar and Select Button
  6. Volume Key

LED Bar States
The LED bar illuminates to indicate status:

  • Solid Green - Active Call
  • Flashing Green - Incoming Call
  • Pulsing Green - Held Call
  • Solid Red - Muted Call

Phone Functions and Features

Make a Call
Enter a number and press Call.                                           

Answer a Call
Press Answer.

Put a Call on Hold
 Press Softkey Dots
Press Hold
To Resume a call from hold, press Resume.

View your Recent Calls
  Press the Navigation key Up arrow

Add another Person to a Call

  1. From an active call, press Conference.
  2. Enter a number.
  3. Press Conference once the call is answered (inform the caller you are joining them into a conference call).
  4. Repeat 1-3 steps to join additional members into your conference meeting.

Mute your Call
  Press Mute on the phone or Mute again to turn mute off.

Adjust the Volume in a Call
 Press Volume up or down to adjust the volume when the phone is in use.

Adjust the Ringer Volume
 Press Volume up or down to adjust the ringer volume when the phone is not in use.

Change Screen Display Brightness

  1. Select Settings > Preferences > Brightness
  2.  Press the Navigation bar up to increase brightness and down to decrease brightness.
  3. Press Save


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