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Caller ID

  • Displays on phone screen
  • External calls - displays incoming phone number
  • Internal calls - displays name and extension 

Place Call

  • Enter a number and pick up the handset or press Speakerphone

Answer Call

  • Press flashing amber light button

Toggle Between Calls

  • During an active call press Hold
  • Press flashing amber light button to answer new incoming call
  • Press flashing green light button to pickup call already on hold

Place calls on Hold

  • Press Hold to place calls on hold, press again to take off hold


  • Press Mute to mute microphone, press again to turn mute off

Call Forwarding

  • Select line and press Forward All
  • Enter number you want to forward calls to, or press Voicemail
  • To turn off, Press Forward Off

Transfer Call

  • From an active call, press Transfer. Enter number and press Transfer again

Ring Volume

  • Adjust ringer volume up or down when phone is not in use


  • Press Applications and select Settings, Ringtone
  • Select a line
  • Scroll through the list of ringtones and press Play to hear sample
  • Press Set and Apply to save selection

Directed Call Park

  • Park a call so it can be retrieved from someone on another phone in the system.
  • During an active call press Park softkey button. Softkey row is located below phone screen.
  • A 4-digit extension associated with this call will display
  • Someone on another university system phone can then dial the call park extension to retrieve the call.


  • Use line buttons to swap between on hold and active calls.
  • Press the line to resume the on hold call, the other call will be placed on hold automatically.  

Do Not Disturb (DND)

  • DND, when activated, will display calls but not ring. When set, a red screen banner will display, “Do Not Disturb”.
  • To activate select DND softkey to activate, press again to turn off.

Find Mac Address or Host Name

  • Press Settings and select Phone Information.
  • The Host Name s is a series of characters; the MAC address is the last four characters


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