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See how to information on viewing and using closed captions and other Zoom related closed captioning resources.
What is "essential for some is good for all." (Meyer, A., Rose, D. H., & Gordon, D. (2014). Universal Design for Learning: theory and practice. Wakefield, MA: Cast Professional Publishing)

Students can access content in a way that suits their needs best, whether it is an html page (responsive for mobile), epub, and/or mp3 (audio) or, for more direct accessibility support, a tagged pdf and/or electronic braille format.
Ally's integration with D2L allows faculty to quickly see the scores on individual content items within D2L content.
Blackboard Ally has a Course Accessibility Report available to faculty. The report is helpful to point out accessibility issues within documents that could be improved on from an accessibility perspective. Ally will give the explanation and steps on of how to fix the issue.
Learn more about document design and building accessible documents.
FACULTY: Order your own captions for your MediaSpace videos with this simple workflow.
Center for Accessibility Resources
Closed captioning resources for MS PowerPoint, Zoom web conferencing, and VoiceThread within D2L BrightSpace.