Ally: Instructor's Course Accessibility Report


The Course Accessibility Report provides an overall look at the accessibility of a course in D2L. Through the report you can identify the least accessible content, accessibility issues that are easy to fix, and a summary of all course content.

This report is only available to the instructors of a course in D2L, students and administrators cannot access it.

Launch the Report

The course accessibility report is accessed through a widget on the homepage of a D2L course. Select the Course Accessibility Report link and the report will open in a new tab.

Anthology Ally widget in D2L

Report Overview

The overall accessibility score for all course content is presented as a percentage with a visual gauge indicator. The higher the percentage the more accessible the course.

Next is a breakdown of the different types of files included in the course content. This information is presented as a circle chart and in a table. Selecting the View button will open the Content tab, which provides a list of all course content, the accessibility scores, and the number of issues identified.

Screenshot of the Anthology Ally course accessibility report

Ally also suggests content with accessibility issues that can be easily fixed and the lowest scoring content in your course. Select the corresponding Start button to view these items.

Screenshot of two items with easy to fix accessibility issues

Below the overview is a table of the accessibility issues identified in your course, sorted by severity. Select an issue for a list of the content items with this issue.

Remaining accessibility issues identified by Ally


The Content tab lists all content in your course along with the number of accessibility issues identified and the accessibility score for each item. By default this will be sorted by accessibility score with the lowest scoring content first.

Screenshot of the Content tab in the course accessibility report

Select a document to view the accessibility issues and steps for remediation. At first it will only show the biggest accessibility issue.

Screenshot of a pdf that needs remediation

Select the What this means button for an explanation of the accessibility issue at hand, and the How to… button for instructions on how to fix it.

Ally score with buttons for all accessibility issues, what this issue means, and how to fix the current issue

Select the All Issues button for a list of other issues that may need attention.

Screenshot showing three accessibility issues in the current PDF.

Fixing the Document

To fix the accessibility issues you will need to edit the original document. This can be done by opening the document from your computer, or downloading it from D2L if you are unable to find the original file.

After you have fixed the accessibility issues upload the new document through the Ally accessibility report using the Browse button and selecting the correct file from your computer or you can drag and drop the file in the upload box. Uploading the new file through the Ally accessibility report will allow us to show the value of Ally through the number of documents that have been improved.

Upload dialog through Ally's accessibility report


For additional support fixing your content, submit an Accessible Document Design Consultation request.

Ally also provides good documentation on the Course Accessibility Report opens in new window

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