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Professional captions can be ordered for MediaSpace videos using an integration with a third-party vendor. Once captions have been ordered they will be available on the MediaSpace video player within 5 business days. For videos not in MediaSpace, captions can be requested through the Caption Request service.

Note that while all videos in MediaSpace will have machine generated captions, these are not accurate enough for ADA compliance. You can always Edit Captions in MediaSpace to correct any errors, which may be faster for short videos or those with only a few errors.

Order Captions

  1. In a web browser, navigate to Note this is different from and will only be used to order captions.
  2. Log in using your StarID and password.
  3. Upload the video or, if the video is already uploaded, select the video from your media.
  4. From the Actions drop-down menu, select Publish. Do not select Order Captions or Caption Requests.
    MediaSpace Actions dropdown with Publish highlighted
  5. Select the Published radio button
    Publishing status options in MediaSpace with Published highlighted
  6.  Check the box for the Order Captions channel and then hit the Save button. If the Order Captions channel does not appear, make sure you are on
    Publish in Channel options with Order Captions channel checked

Publishing to the Order Captions Channel sends a notice to Academic Technology Services; ATS staff will approve the captions and then the video is sent off to our vendor for captioning.

Professional captions will be added to the video within 5 days.

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