D2L Brightspace: Check Accessibility while Creating HTML Files

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  • How can faculty use the built in accessibility checker in the HTML editor in D2L?


When creating a file in D2L the HTML editor has a built in accessibility checker that can help identify and locate some accessibility issues. While Ally is more prominently displayed, this accessibility checker may provide more information on where the errors are and may find some errors that Ally does not. Likewise, Ally may find errors overlooked by this accessibility checker.

  • Click the accessibility checker button (eye with a check mark) to run a check of your HTML file.

Accessibility checker button highlighted on the HTML editor toolbar

  • If you do not have a second row of controls underneath the formatting controls, click the more options button (three dots) on the right of the menu.

More options button highlighted on the HTML editor toolbar

  • Issues will be outlined in red (error) or yellow (warning) within the editor, more detail on each issue is provided in the Accessibility Checker pop up. Use the up/down arrows in the pop up to navigate through the issues.

Screenshot of the HTML Accessibility Checker in action

  • Some issues can be repaired directly in the Accessibility Checker while others will require you to close the checker, fix the issue, and then check your document again.
  • If it can be fixed in the checker there will be options below the issue description, and the Repair button will be functional after you have made a change. For example, if an image is missing alternate text you can either check the box for "Image is decorative" or provide alternative text in the text field, then click the Repair button


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FACULTY: improve the accessibility of HTML/web page content in D2L Brightspace, using this guidance to fix errors identified by Ally.