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  • How do I add LinkedIn Learning courses or specific videos to supplement my D2L Brightspace course materials?


Within the Content tool of your D2L Brightspace course, within the module wherein you wish to deploy the LinkedIn Learning Course/Video, select the Existing Activities dropdown menu and from the menu select LinkedIn Learning:

Screenshot showing Existing Activities dropdown menu activated, highlighting LinkedIn Learning on the dropdown menu.

Upon selecting the link, a popup window will appear that will allow you to search for either video or course. Place your search criteria in the search for content field and either hit your return/enter key or select the search button which has the magnifying glass icon. In the example below I will use Dr. Michael Allen’s “Design the Learner’s Journey” course as my example.

Screenshot of the popup window for the LinkedIn Learning integration, showing the search field with a desired course name entered. Not immediately apparent that the search has returned. One must scroll down to see the search results.

Then, in the same window, you will have to scroll down past other filters to see the results of your search.

Adding a LinkedIn Learning Course

Having scrolled down, the search results show a course.

From here, you can simply link to the course by selecting the Add button to the right of the course and then select Confirm.

Having selected the Add button to the right of the course, now the Confirm button activates and allows for selection. Doing so will add the course to the content area.

A link then will appear in the content module you had started from:

Screenshot of the integration link in place within the content area of D2L. This specific link has a long description of the course supplied by LinkedIn Learning.

(You may note that if the course has a description created in LinkedIn Learning, that description will come in as a topic description within D2L Brightspace.)

Adding Specific Videos

If you want to link to a specific video within a LinkedIn Learning course, there is an accordion button below the course graphic, that says Course Contents, if you expand the accordion the course modules are available to you as accordion buttons and within those accordions you can select a specific video:

Screenshot highlighting several things: 1) There is an Add button to the right of the course, this is to add the entire course. 2) There is a button for Course Contents under the course icon, this will expand to show the Modules. 3) Each module is then expandable into the topics which will individually have Add buttons.

You can select more than one video at a time. Simply select all the videos by selecting Add. When you are done, select the confirm button.

Having selected several add buttons next to individual videos from the last step, the Confirm button is activated and ready for selecting.

The links to your selected videos will now appear as content topics within your Content tool. (You may note that if the video has a description created in LinkedIn Learning, that description will come into D2L.)

A screenshot showing the videos selected in the last step have an integrated link in place within D2L Brightspace, along with the link the video description has also been made available.



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