VoiceThread: Completing a VoiceThread Assignment in D2L Brightspace

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  • How do I complete a VoiceThread assignment in a course in D2L Brightspace?


The most important thing is to understand what the instructor expects. In some cases, a VoiceThread assignment merely means clicking on and viewing a VoiceThread your instructor created, like watching a video or viewing a PowerPoint presentation. In others, you make be asked to view and leave comments. In some classes, instructors create assignments where you are expected to leave a required number of comments and then click a 'Submit' button. You might even be asked to create a VoiceThread of your own and submit it. Read any instructions provided and ask questions if unsure what is expected. 

VoiceThread has provided detailed instructions for several of these scenarios in D2L Brightspace, including a video and screenshots:

More Information:

  • Basic VoiceThread tutorials, including how to create, comment on, and share VoiceThreads:
  • VoiceThread Workshops – these are mostly directed toward faculty, but they offer a VoiceThread Basics workshop on a regular basis that students can also benefit from:

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