About the Project Management Office (PMO)

The Project Management Office (PMO) manages and monitors a portfolio of university projects. The PMO resides within the Service and Project Management Department of Institutional Effectiveness and Technology (IET). 

Projects are identified and assigned by the President's Executive Cabinet (PEC) division work plans; which are focused on facilitating Metro State University's strategic plan. Not all division work plan projects will be assigned to the PMO. 


What is the University PMO?

  • Centralized project management resource.
  • Manage or monitor University division workplan projects. 
  • Reports on project progress.  
  • Creates tools, templates, and guides to assist departments with their project planning.


Meet the Team

View the PMO organizational chart here. 

Sara Solland Wendy Helm Lynn Zuk Amy Schmidt Tori Seymour

Director of Service and

Project Management

Senior Business Analyst IET Lead Project Manager University Project Manager University Project Manager

Managed vs. Monitored Projects



The project is managed by a work plan project manager (PM).  The project is managed by someone within the division that owns the project. 
The PM is responsible for project progress reporting.  The division is responsible for project progress reporting through the University PMO. 

The Vice President sponsoring the project designates an activity owner who will work in conjunction with the PM.  

The activity owner provides subject matter expertise, and project leadership with the division. 

The division may request consultation with the University PMO for how to approach the project or management of it.  

Active Projects 

University PMO project progress reporting will be made available to all University employees through the President's Office group on my.metro and announced through Metro Moment. 


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