Change Outlook Contacts Name Display Order for Personal Contacts

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  • How do I change the name display order of my personal Outlook contacts?


  • You can set your Outlook personal contacts to display in the name order you prefer. Names can be ordered, by first or last name.

Note: These instructions for Outlook desktop client and Outlook web client apply only to personal address contacts. Instructions do not apply to Minnesota State global address lists.

Set the displayed name order of contacts using Outlook desktop client

  • In Outlook desktop app go to File > Options > People
  • Under Names and Filing section make your preferred selections and select OK.

Set the displayed name order of contacts using Outlook Web.

  • From Outlook Web select Outlook 'Settings' ⚙️ (Gear button at the top right corner).
  • Search display > Select search contacts by Select your preferred selection, then select Save.

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