Change Default Address Book (Windows)

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  • How do I set default address book to Metro State?


  • When you are sending an email, you usually want your most common contacts to come up when you select recipients. To ensure this, you might want to change your default address book by using the steps below.

Change your default address book with these steps:


  • Step 1: From Outlook contacts click Address Book from the ribbon.

  • Step 2: The Address Book dialog box will open, click Tools > Options

  • Step 3: Under "When opening the Address book, show this address list first." > select the drop down arrow to select the name of the address book you would like to use by default.

  • Step 4: Click OK and close the dialog box. 
  • Step 5: The selected default Global Address List should now be reflected. If not, restart Outlook application.


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