Updates to Faculty Profiles in the directory

General Information


  • How do I update my academic credentials and/or my courses taught on my directory profile? 


  • Updating credentials on the website directory: Faculty and staff will need to follow up directly with Human Resources at human.resources@metrostate.edu or 651-793-1275 to see if HR has transcripts on file. HR keeps records of received transcripts up to date, and can instruct employees on any steps needed to make changes. Once new credentials are updated in the HR system, it should automatically update on the website directory. The database syncs daily.
  • Updating courses on the website directory: The listing of courses on a profile page gets pulled from ISRS and is set to only display current and next semester courses. These cannot be manually modified.


  • Submit My Profile: Editing ISRS Data to correct your personal information that is displayed as part of your My.Metro profile on www.metrostate.edu.


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