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Course Evaluation Questions

View the course evaluation questions.

Course Evaluations: College Level Support Staff

Course evaluations are competed each semester.  Facutly and students receive communications to their Metro State email account.  The survey can be completed on most electronic devices with internet access.

Course Evaluations: Faculty Information

Course evaluations are completed each semester.  Faculty (and students) receive email communications to their Metro State accounts.  This article reviews logins, faculty dashboard, and the Objective Selection Form.

Course Evaluations: Faculty Objective Selection Form

The Objective Selection Form contains 13 learning objectives. Faculty can select the importance of these objectives as related to each course per semester.

Course Evaluations: Faculty Reports

Learn about the three sets of faculty reports available in the course evaluation software.

Course Evaluations: Student Information

Students receive a link to course evaluations via their Metro State email account.  The survey can be completed on most electronic devices with internet access.

eLumen: Add an Evaluator to a Course Section

Evaluators are added to course sections when someone other than the instructor will be entering student scores.

eLumen: Assessing Student Learning Outcomes

Within eLumen, coordinators and faculty model and score their assessments, collect student evidence, and submit a variety of reports.

eLumen: Department Coordinators?

Learn who eLumen Department Coordinators are and what they do

eLumen: Getting Started

Brief introduction to getting started with eLumen

eLumen: Tutorials, Training's, and Examples

D2L Course designed to assist faculty and staff with a shared internal central location of eLumen information

eLumen: What are ISLOs, PSLOs and CSLOs?

A Student Learning Outcome (SLO) is a succinct statement of an educational goal that students are expected to demonstrate during their time in college. SLOs are scored through student assessments and the student performance is improved through a program improvement process that incorporates multiple data points.

ID Card: RFID Number

View a description of how to find the RFID number associated with a Metro State ID card. This is used to program the card.

Institutional Effectiveness and Research (IER) Resources

Read a short description on different organizations that collect, analyze, distribute and/or fund data driven research.

Organizational Department Change

Key information about Organizational Department Change Requests

Qualtrics: Access, Training and Support

Qualtrics is a powerful online tool that allows users to build surveys, distribute surveys and analyze responses from one online location. This article provides Qualtrics users with information on logging in, training, and support.

Report: Faculty Survey Institutional Profile

This report is generated every three years and provides information about faculty workload, teaching practices and more.

Report: IPEDS

The Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) was developed through the auspices of the U.S. Department of Education to summarize, analyze, and distribute information. The most recent Data Feedback Reports for Metropolitan State are available posted here.

Report: NSSE Engagement Indicators

Metropolitan State University administers the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) in the Spring of every odd year.

SSRS: Run Reports (my.metro)

Step by step instructions on how to run SSRS reports in

Standard Minnesota State Resources for Advisors

The system office of Minnesota State provides faculty and professional advisors access to information about their advisees without needing to looking them up individually in Uniface. These standard reports find students for a given advisor, all students and their advisors or students without advisors.

The MinnState-developed Faculty Application

The Faculty Application can be reached through eServices and through the Employee Dashboard.

What is eLumen?

Purpose information for eLumen at Metropolitan State University including a link to access tool.