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This guide is intended to be a brief introduction and a continual resource for faculty utilizing eLumen. Detailed eLumen guides specifically for the Metro State implementation can be found in D2L by self-registration under Assessment Process, Plans, eLumen Guides, and Resources.


  • Step 1
    • Logging in: enter StarId (without metrostate.edu) and password to log in to eLumen:
    • Create PSLOs, Learning Indicators, and an Assessment Plan (Note: only the College Dean, Assistant Provost, and Provost can make changes to PSLOs/Learning Indicators)
      • Before creating assessments in eLumen, Program Level SLOs (Student Learning Outcomes) with Learning Indicators (measures under each PSLO) for the degree/program is required.
      • Creating an Assessment Plan with a list of PSLOs and the associated Learning Indicators is also needed. More information can be found by logging into D2L and/or accessing article: eLumen: Tutorials, Training's, and Examples.
  • Step 2
    • 1) Submit a request to create and plan the Assessments, and 2) create the Curriculum Map and spreadsheets for importing
      • Send and submit all completed materials to Institutional Research.
      • Include selection of rating scales (full list of rating scales can be found in D2L under Assessments). Rating scales should be the same for all assessments in the degree program. Available ranges are:
        • From 1 to 10
        • From 1 to 3 
        • From 1 to 5
  • Step 3
    • Enter assessment data into eLumen
      • Individuals needing to enter assessments data or import scores will need to change their role in the top line of the banner to Faculty and choose the correct Semester in the courses field to see the courses they are teaching. If individuals are entering data for a section they do not teach, they will need to be added as an evaluator, Request eLumen Access and Roles.
      • Inputting data can be completed in rubric form, scorecard form, or import scores. (Importing is preferred as it provides the simplest and fastest method and more information can be found in the Importing Scores guide in D2L). Note: student ids must keep their leading zeros in the spreadsheet and will need to be converted to text. It is highly recommended to export student ids from D2L.
    • Run reports: In order to run reports, individuals will need to ensure their role is selected as a Department Coordinator.
      • Running reports:
        • Click on Reports in the second line of the banner
        • Select SLO Performance report and select Major as a demographic (additional majors can be selected)
        • Report can be downloaded after submission (additional information can be found in the Reports guide in D2L).
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