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Evaluators are added to course sections when someone other than the instructor will be entering student scores.
Purpose information for eLumen at Metropolitan State University including a link to access tool.
Brief introduction to getting started with eLumen

User roles and permissions are assigned by data stewards. Faculty, staff, and administration take ownership of their SLOs, assessments, and ultimately the quality improvement of their courses, contexts, departments, programs, and the whole institute. Please contact data stewards or department coordinators for access and user permissions.
A Student Learning Outcome (SLO) is a succinct statement of an educational goal that students are expected to demonstrate during their time in college. SLOs are scored through student assessments and the student performance is improved through a program improvement process that incorporates multiple data points.
D2L Course designed to assist faculty and staff with a shared internal central location of eLumen information
Within eLumen, coordinators and faculty model and score their assessments, collect student evidence, and submit a variety of reports.