What is eLumen?

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  • eLumen allows us to define, capture, and analyze assessment data and conduct trend analysis over time. It facilitates systematic assessment across sections of a course and provides a mechanism to track planned improvements on the results of each assessment. These services help Metro State in regional and specialized accreditation and continuous improvement initiatives within the university. 


The implementation of eLumen is focused on program level assessment linked to courses, programs, general education and institutional outcomes.This deployment process involves importing ISRS data into eLumen and validating linkage to D2L. Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) are defined for the 77-degree programs at Metropolitan State along with 30 resident faculties trained in defining assessments.

Additional information:

  • Courses are loaded two weeks prior to the start of the semester, after the tenth day of the beginning of the course term, after the drop/add date of the term, and two weeks after the last day of the course term
  • All assigned faculty receives access to their courses in eLumen two weeks prior to the start of the term
  • Provost and Deans have access to aggregated information for their specific college. Request eLumen Access and Roles
  • PSLOs are in sync with student learning outcomes on academic program web pages
  • Ability to provide reportable aggregate data for program-level outcomes that have assessments in different courses and a variety of learning indicators 
  • Incorporates demographic information from ISRS; Gender, Underrepresented, Student of Color, Pell Eligible, First Generation, and Admission Category
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