Course Evaluation Questions

General Information


  • What are the course evaluation questions?

The Instructor:
  Hardly Ever Occasionally Sometimes Frequently Almost Always

Found ways to help students answer their own questions

Helped students to interpret subject matter from diverse perspectives (e.g., different cultures, religions, genders, political views)

Encouraged students to reflect on and evaluate what they have learned

Demonstrated the importance and significance of the subject matter

Formed teams or groups to facilitate learning

Made it clear how each topic fit into the course

Provided meaningful feedback on students' academic performance

Stimulated students to intellectual effort beyond that required by most courses

Encouraged students to use multiple resources (e.g., Internet, library holdings, outside experts) to improve understanding

Explained course material clearly and concisely

Related course material to real life situations

Created opportunities for students to apply course content outside the classroom

Introduced stimulating ideas about the subject

Involved students in hands-on projects such as research, case studies, or real life activities

Inspired students to set and achieve goals which really challenged them

Asked students to share ideas and experiences with others whose backgrounds and viewpoints differ from their own

Asked students to help each other understand ideas or concepts

Gave projects, tests, or assignments that required original or creative thinking

Encouraged student-faculty interaction outside of class (e.g., office visits, phone calls, email)

Progress on:

Thirteen possible learning objectives are listed, not all of which will be relevant in this class. Describe the amount of progress you made on each (even those not emphasized in this class) by using the following scale:

  • No Apparent Progress
  • Slight Progress; I made small gains on this objective
  • Moderate Progress; I made some gains on this objective
  • Substantial Progress; I made large gains on this objective
  • Exceptional Progress; I made outstanding gains on this objective
  No Apparent Progress Slight Progress Moderate Progress Substantial Progress Exceptional Progress

Gaining a basic understanding of the subject (e.g., factual knowledge, methods, principles, generalizations, theories)

Developing knowledge and understanding of diverse perspectives, global awareness, or other cultures

Learning to apply course material (to improve thinking, problem solving, and decisions

Developing specific skills, competencies, and points of view needed by professionals in the field most closely related to this course

Acquiring skills in working with others as a member of a team

Developing creative capacities (inventing; designing; writing; performing in art, music, drama, etc.)

Gaining a broader understanding and appreciation of intellectual/cultural activity (music, science, literature, etc.)

Developing skill in expressing myself orally or in writing

Learning how to find, evaluate, and use resources to explore a topic in depth

Developing ethical reasoning and/or ethical decision making

Learning to analyze and critically evaluate ideas, arguments, and points of view

Learning to apply knowledge and skills to benefit others or serve the public good

Learning appropriate methods for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting numerical information



On the next two items, compare this course with others you have taken at this institution.

The Course:

  Much Less than Most Courses Less than Most Courses About Average More than Most Courses Much More than Most Courses

Amount of coursework

Difficulty of subject matter

For the following items, choose the option that best corresponds to your judgement.

  Definitely False More False than True In Between More True than False Definitely True

As a rule, I put forth more effort than other students on academic work.

I really wanted to take this course regardless of who taught it.

When this course began I believed I could master its content.

My background prepared me well for this course's requirements.

Overall, I rate this instructor an excellent teacher.

Overall, I rate this course as excellent.



- End of Survey -



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