Includes information on parking lots per campus, card readers, parking visitor rates, parking costs, location and hours.

Articles (9)

Daily Parking Visitor Hourly Rate

Frequently asked questions about eligibility, use, cost and payment options for hourly parking visitor rate.

eServices: Online Payment Instructions

Step by Step instructions on how to use eServices to submit payment for daily parking visitor rate.

Parking Costs

Read about the different parking payment options.

Parking Location Information: Brooklyn Park (LECJEC) Campus

View information on parking at the Brooklyn Park (LECJEC) campus.

Parking Location Information: Maplewood Dental Clinic

Information on parking at the Maplewood Dental Clinic.

Parking Location Information: Minneapolis Campus

Includes information on parking at the Minneapolis campus.

Parking Location Information: Saint Paul Campus

View hours of operation and general items of interest related to parking on the Saint Paul campus.

Parking Saint Paul Campus Card Reader

Read important information on how to enter and exit the Saint Paul campus parking ramp.

Parking Violations/Citations

Read more about parking violations and the citation fines that accompany them.