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  • How much does it cost to park at a Metropolitan State University parking lot or ramp?

Parking Information:

  • Community Faculty, Resident Faculty and Staff who do not want contract parking are eligible to park as a 'visitor' and pay the standard $5/day visitor parking fee.

  • Paying the university's contract parking fee entitles employees to park in university parking lots and ramps at all sites, including: Saint Paul/Dayton's Bluff Campus, Brooklyn Park LECJEC/Hennepin Technical College, Midway and Energy Park Place, Minneapolis College and other partner community colleges. 

  • Contract parking for students and community faculty members begins 14 days before the first day of class and continues after the end of the semester until parking access begins for the following semester. 

Parking Type Cost How to Pay
Visitor Parking $5/day Payable at a self-service kiosk by credit or debit card.
Student Parking $12/semester credit Students pay for parking as a part of their university fees as a part of their tuition.
No additional payment is necessary.
Community Faculty Contract Parking $12/semester credit Payable once per semester by check or credit cart, submitted to Gateway Student Services. 
Resident Faculty and
Staff Contract Parking
$18/pay period Automatically deducted by payroll bi-weekly, cost is dependent on FTE percentage. 
Contractor Contract Parking $36/month Payable once per semester by check or credit cart, submitted to Gateway Student Services. 

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