Daily Parking Visitor Rate for Employee Parking


1) Question:

  • What is the Daily Parking "Visitor" Rate and who is eligible?


  • Community Faculty, Resident Faculty and Staff who do not want contract parking are eligible to park as a 'visitor' and pay the standard $5/day visitor parking fee.

2) Question:

  • How much is the Metropolitan State University daily rate for parking?


  • The daily rate for parking at all Metropolitan State University owned or leased facilities is $5.00 per day. 

3) Question:

  • I have submitted the Parking Declaration Form and elected to use the Daily Rate parking option, what are my payment options?


  • TO PAY IN PERSON.  Stop at any Gateway Services window on the Main St. Paul Campus. You will need to provide your StarID to the Gateway Representative.
  • TO PAY ONLINE.  Employees with a StarID can make payment using eservices Payment Instructions.
  • PAYABLE at a self-service kiosk where available.

4) Question:

  • Does the daily rate allow me to enter or exit multiple times in one day?


  • The daily parking rate is good for all locations without access controls for any one day. In other words, an employee could use one of the days of parking (purchased through the parking declaration form) to park at LECJEC in Brooklyn Park and then also park at the Midway location on the same day for the one fee.

    Please note that if parking on the St. Paul Dayton’s Bluff campus or at Minneapolis College, the parker will need to pay that separate entry (Minneapolis College) or exit (St. Paul campus) fee. If a parker pays the daily rate at either Minneapolis College or St. Paul Dayton’s Bluff, that will satisfy the daily parking fee at the non-access-controlled locations for that day as well.

5) Question:

  • Does the daily rate allow me to enter or exit multiple times in one day?


  • If parking at a location without access controls, such as Midway, a parker using a daily rate instance may make multiple entries and exits on that one daily parking instance.

6) Question:

  • Will hang tags be provided for daily rate parking instances?


  • At this time, we are not planning to issue hang tags. This option is being made available for employee convenience on an honor system basis. We are trusting our university employees to use student and tax-payer provided resources appropriately, and to comply voluntarily with university policy. Not issuing hang tags reduces the administrative burden and allows the university to make this option available without additional cost and employee inconvenience.

7) Question:

  • If I am also a student, do I still need to complete a parking declaration?


  • Yes, an employee who is also a student must complete a parking declaration and pay for parking as an employee. If you are also a student, you may ask for your student parking fees to be waived.

    If you declare that you will not park in university-provided parking facilities or you declare only parking intermittently, you will not be able to park during your working hours. In that case, you would still be responsible to pay for the student parking fees and you could only use your student parking privileges while conducting student activities (while at class, meeting with advisor, etc.) at the university.  


For additional questions about parking costs and options, please contact Tom.Torgerud@metrostate.edu or (651) 793-1731.


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