Parking Violations/Citations

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  • What do I need to know about parking violations at Metropolitan State University?


  • Parking violations will be issued to violators parking along yellow fire lanes within the center courtyard, parking for more than 30 minutes in the center lot spots designated for drop off and pickup, not displaying a parking permit when parking in the Seventh Street lot and for expired or misused permits.

  • Payment of citations should be directed to the Cashier's Office and requires a copy of the citation. Payment is due 14 days from the Date of Issuance or a $20.00 late fee will be added. 

  • Failure to pay a citation could result in: Loss of the use of the parking ramp or lot, vehicle being immobilized or towed, college administration sanctions. 

  • Violations during the semester: second violation results in doubling of fine, third violation results in tripling of fine, fourth violation results in a tow at the owner's expense and loss of parking privileges at the university. 

  • As a courtesy to our neighbors, do not park in front of homes around campus; off-street parking is limited for local residents. 

Type of Violation Citation Fine
No Parking Permit Displayed $20.00
Over Yellow Line or End of Row $20.00
Fire Lane Parking Violation $25.00
Parking in a Reserved Parking Space $25.00
Parking in a Roadway/Obstructing Traffic $25.00
Expired/Altered/Misused Permit


Handicapped Parking Violation $200.00



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