Parking Saint Paul Campus Card Reader

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  • How do I enter and exit the parking ramp at the Saint Paul campus?

Using a Metro State ID Card: 

  • Individuals can enter the ramp by holding their programmed Metro State ID card to the card reader.

  • ID cards may be left inside of a wallet or carrying case-the card reader should still be able to read the card from within a thin holder. (Heavier containers may require removing the card to touch the card reader directly)

  • Student ID cards are programmed to access parking 14 days prior to the official start of the semester. They are de-programmed seven days after the official last day of the semester. 

  • Employee ID cards need to register and pay for parking in order for their card to be programmed. 

  • Employees who have registered and paid for parking may need to Call for Assistance and tell the parking tenant their Tech ID number until their card is programmed. 

Using a Parking Ticket: 

  • Individuals can enter the ramp by pulling a ticket from an incoming lane kiosk.

  • Before exiting the ramp, individuals will need to take their parking ticket to the designated pay station. Follow the directions on the display.

  • When exiting the ramp, insert your ticket to open the gate. 

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