Includes resources and information for working remotely, as well as return to campus.

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Pinned Article Return to Campus: Technology Reminder Checklist

Important information for return to campus.

Pinned Article Telecommuting and Remote Work Resources

This article highlights resources that can help you work remotely.

Virtual Computer Lab

Description of the virtual computer lab and how to access it

Virtual Computer Lab: Access Local Files

View instructions on how to access local computer files, as well as USB files when using Virtual Computer Lab.

Virtual Computer Lab: Access to Student Home Drive (H:)

View instructions to access student home drive (H:) through Virtual lab.

Virtual Computer Lab: Access via Web Browser

How to connect to the virtual computer labs with your web browser.

Virtual Computer Lab: Client Installation

How to install the VMware Horizon client to connect to virtual computer labs.

Virtual Computer Lab: Saving Files

View instructions on how to save files in the Virtual Computer Lab.