Voicemail Navigation: Menus and Options

  • From your desk phone press Messages (voicemail button), enter your PIN and follow the voice prompts for each category below
    •  (New employees/users) First time set-up, follow prompts 
      • Enter in the default PIN provided - Note: if you do not have this you can set your own: Changing Your Voicemail PIN
      • Record your name 
      • Record your greeting - if you choose
      • Reset 6-digit Pin
    • After Initial Voicemail Setup
      • Listening to Voicemail
        • Will automatically play new messages
        • Listen for voice prompts after message for voicemail options
      • Setting a New Greeting
        • Press for Setup Options
        • Press for Change Your Greetings
      • PIN Reset
        • Press for Setup Options
        • Press for Preferences
        • Press for Change PIN
      • Scripts (examples)

Log on to Voicemail from a different Phone or Off-Campus

  • Dial 1202 (on-campus) or 651-793-1202 (off-campus)
  • Press the * key when voicemail answers
  • Enter your extension followed by the # key.
  • Enter your PIN followed by the # key.

Note: For security reasons the voicemail web system is only available through a university provided network connection. To connect off-campus see, VPN (Remote Access) Connection Steps.

Checking Your Voicemail Off-Campus using the Web Interface to Listen to Messages

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