Cisco IP Phone: Voicemail Playback numbers

How To


  • What are the playback numbers for my Cisco IP Phone?


Note: If this is the First time Accessing Voicemail, please refer to: Voicemail Navigation: Menus and Options


   During Playback

   After Playback

   1 – Restart

   1 – Repeat

   2 – Save

   2 – Save

   3 – Delete

   3 – Delete

   4 – Slow Playback

   4 – Reply

   5 – Change Volume

   5 – Forward Message

   6 – Fast Playback

   6 – Save as New

   7 – Rewind

   7 - Rewind

   8 – Pause or Resume

   8 – Play Summary

   9 – Fast Forward


Log on to Voicemail from a different Phone

  • Dial 1202 (on-campus) or 651-793-1202 (off-campus)
  • Press the * key when voicemail answers
  • Enter your extension followed by the # key.
  • Enter your PIN followed by the # key.

Leave a Quick Voicemail Message in a Mailbox Without Calling the Extension

  • Lift handset.
  • Press * and dial the 4‐digit extension.
  • Leave your message.
  • Hang up.
  • Also applies to a transfer to voicemail.

Checking Your Voicemail Off-Campus using the Web Interface to Listen to Messages.

Cisco Unified Communications Self-Care (Includes - how to forward calls remotely)


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