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All Zoom meetings hosted through a Minnesota State Zoom account will have computer generated captions available. As the host of an online event or meeting you may want to adjust the settings for saving closed captions and audio transcriptions. Remember that automated captioning and transcription is not accurate enough for ADA compliance.

Request ASL Interpretation or Captioning Services

Contact Center for Accessibility Resources to request ASL Interpretation or CART Captioning Services for an event. Please submit requests as far in advance as possible to allow time to arrange services.

In Meeting Closed Caption and Audio Transcript Settings

As the meeting host you can control whether or not participants can save closed captions and the audio transcript, as well as what is included in a cloud recording.

  1. Go to minnstate.zoom.us and sign in using your StarID and password
  2. Select Settings
    Zoom web view with Settings highlighted
  3. On the Meetings tab and go to In Meeting (Advanced)
    Zoom settings showing navigation to the Meeting tab and then In Meeting (Advanced)
  4. Scroll to find Save Captions and toggle it to your preferred setting.
    • ON will allow participants to save the closed captions and audio transcript of a meeting, this is the default and recommended setting.
      Save captions setting in Zoom

Recording Caption and Transcript Settings

For accessibility purposes it is recommended that you allow Zoom to save the audio transcript and closed captions for recorded Zoom meetings.

  1. Select the Recording tab at the top.
  2. Under Local Recording: check the box for Save closed caption as a VTT file
    Zoom setting for sace captions as VTT on a local recording
  3. Under Advanced Cloud Recording settings: check the boxes for Create audio transcript and Save closed caption as a VTT file
    Advanced cloud recording settings screenshot

Caption Recorded Meetings

Cloud recordings of Zoom meetings will also be uploaded to your MediaSpace account where automatically generated captions will be added. These captions are not accurate enough for ADA compliance. There are a few options to add high quality captions to your recording:

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