Event Planning: Planning a Successful Event

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  • I want to host an event on campus. What do I need to know to plan a successful event?


1. Figure out the details.

When will the event take place? Who will attend? Any public officials, noteworthy personalities/celebrities?
If this is a co-sponsored event, who will represent the internal department sponsor to ensure all policies and procedures are observed?
How many people are expected total? 

2. Review event pricing and obtain necessary budgetary approval if applicable.

  • Student organization? Contact Student Life and Leadership Development.

  • Internal department? Internal departments do not pay a fee to reserve event space. If the internal event has special set-up needs or is serving food there may be charge backs for set-up/clean-up. Contact your Office Administrator to receive prior budgetary approval.

  • Co-Sponsored by an internal department? Co-Sponsored events can request to have the event space reservation fee waived or reduced with the approval of the President, the Chief Financial Officer or the Provost. Contact your Office Administrator and work out specifics between department and external organization.

  • External organization? Prepare to pay a reservation fee in advance. 

3. Review the Event Space and Equipment Capabilities article describing what audio visual options are supported in each space. 

4. Review the event set-up options for each event space. Prepare your own custom set-up if needed.  

5. Review approved catering options if applicable.

If interested in having alcohol served at the event, complete the 5.18.2 Event Check List for Events involving Alcoholic Beverages and attach to the reservation or send to Building Services.

6. Reserve an event space.

  • Internal or Co-Sponsored events: download the file attached titled Internal or Co-Sponsored Event Request Form

  • External events: download the file attached titled External Event Request Form

7. (External and co-sponsored events) Obtain liability insurance. 

8. (External and co-sponsored events) Sign a physical contract with Building Services. 


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