Flexible Teaching Classrooms

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  • Which classrooms are equipped with flexible teaching technology?
  • How do I use flexible teaching classrooms?


Which classrooms are equipped with flexible teaching technology? 

Please refer to the classrooms listed as “flexible teaching classrooms” in our Zoom Capable Rooms article. 

How do I use flexible teaching classrooms?

  1. Wake up computer by pressing spacebar, or power on in the podium if shutdown.
  2. Tap the Extron control panel on top of the podium to wake it up (if needed) and press PC (or Laptop HDMI if using a different device).
  3. Log on to computer with StarID and password.
  4. OPTIONAL - Press Windows key + P and select Extend (now the monitor and projector are separate screens you can drag windows back and forth - drag towards projector screen to move).
  5. OPTIONAL - On the Extron control panel, press Rear Monitor Controls On to turn on the TV on the back wall.
  6. OPTIONAL in Extend display mode only - On the Extron control panel, select which Source you would like to mirror from. You can choose the rear display to mirror either what is on the Podium computer monitor or what’s on the projector screen.
  7. When your class or event is complete, log off or restart the computer and press Power Down on the Extron display and then Power Down to confirm.
Troubleshooting Tips
  • General Issues
    • Make sure computer is powered on in the podium.
    • Make sure the power cord from the podium is fully plugged into the wall, do not unplug.
  • Audio Issues
    • Make sure the computer is not muted and the application volume is turned up on the computer and the Extron control panel.
    • Make sure Room Speakers and Room Microphone are selected with Zoom (or Teams).
    • Due to the echo cancellation device in the flexible meeting rooms, the room audio can cut out if remote participants are talking or not muted. In Microsoft Teams it can help to go into Settings and turn off Noise Cancellation.
    • Students complain about distorted, clipping, overloaded, or hot Room Microphone? On the Extron control panel, press Audio Control, drag the slider for Ceiling Mic all the way up, and then down slightly so that it is not at maximum volume.
    • As an alternative to the Room Microphone not working, join audio either by using Zoom's "Call Me" feature, or dial in from the phone on the instructor station (remember to dial 9 first)
  • Projector or TV Display Issues
    • On the Extron control panel, make sure Projector Mute is not on.
    • Make sure the computer monitor is turned on.
    • On the Extron control panel, try switching to another input (like Doc Cam or Laptop HDMI), waiting for a few seconds and switching back to your original source.
    • On the Extron control panel, press Power Down on the Extron display and then Power Down to confirm, wait 1 minute, and Press PC on the Extron control panel to power it back on.
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