Email Setup: Outlook iPhone / Android Mobile App - Preferred Mobile Email Client

General Information 

We recommend and support the Microsoft Outlook mobile application for accessing your Metropolitan State email account. This applies to both students and employees .

Download the Outlook app here: Google Play, Apple App Store or from your mobile phone:

*** Note: When prompted to "Enter your work or personal email address", enter your MinnState login in this field (Not your email address); these will be the same login credentials you will use once you install the application.

MinnState Login:

  • Username:
    • Students:
    • Employees:
  • Password:
    • StarID password

Set up Microsoft Outlook mobile app (iOS or Android)

Step by step instructions:

  1. Start by downloading the Microsoft Outlook mobile app on your device.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail) 
  2. After it installs, open the app. If an email account is found on your device, you will be prompted to add that account. You can add it or Skip.
    Uploaded Image (Thumbnail) 
  3. Otherwise, you will be asked to add an account
    • On the Email Address line, enter your MinnState Login:
      • Students:
      • Employee: StarID@minnstate.eduUploaded Image (Thumbnail)  
  4. Tap Add Account.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail) 
  5. If you have already set up the Microsoft Authenticator app, you will be asked to open it to complete the sign in. You may need to enter your password.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail) Uploaded Image (Thumbnail) 
  6. If you do not have the Microsoft Authenticator app, you will be asked to enter your StarID password.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail) 
  7. After you enter your password, you will be asked to complete Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Enter your code to continue.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail) Uploaded Image (Thumbnail) 
  8. When sign in is complete, you will be asked to add another account. You can add more accounts if you like, otherwise tap Maybe Later.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail) 
  9. You are now signed into the Microsoft Outlook mobile app. If you have any questions, reach out to the IET Service Center at 651-793-1240.
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