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Student Notes on My Advisees Dashboard or Student Lookup Utility (my.metro)

The My Advisees dashboard (my.metro:  My Advisees Dashboard) provides academic advisors with the ability to easily view and work with their advisee list.  Student Lookup Utility (my.metro:  Student Lookup Utility) provides similar functionality to those that are not assigned as the student's advisor.  Both of these tools display student data in the form of a dashboard.  

The notes button found on each student row in the dashboard leads to a list of the incidents associated to that student’s Tech ID in RightNow Technologies (RNT)/Oracle Service Cloud.  It also allows the user to perform some functions not currently available in RNT, including:

  • Filter and Sort
  • Export to .csv / Excel
  • Copy for paste into a separate document
  • View and search compiled incidents from RNT
  • View the number of incidents associated to each student email address
  • Easily access the web version of RNT* to add a new note by either:
    • choosing an email address (if multiple exist) and use the View Contact in RNT -OR-
    • choosing an incident and view incident

* Viewing contacts and incidents in the web version of RNT requires an RNT user account. To be added as an RNT user, please submit a RNT service request.

Detailed instructions and guidelines for entering a note (incident) in RNT can be found on in the Academic Advising group (under Advising Information > Advisee lists and contact).

Demo video: Faculty Advisor RNT Training - April 6, 2022

Basic Features

Notes functionality may be used and useful without ever logging into RNT (i.e. if you only need to view notes and not add them).  If you do need to add notes to RNT, see Academic Advising group or contact your department head for documentation  and/or training on RNT.

Within notes

  • Incidents by email address - The student's main email address is listed on a drop-down list (if multiple email addresses exist) with a count of incidents associated to each.
    • Choosing an email address and then clicking on View contact in RNT will lead directly to a login page for the web version of RNT*, then to the student's Contact page in Web RNT.
  • The Filters section allows you to filter on incident number, status, and topic and view a narrowed down incident list. 
    • Multiple filters may be selected at once.
    • Clicking on reset filters button removes all filters and returns to a full list of your student’s incidents.
  • In the table below Filters, all entries on incidents associated to a student’s Tech ID, regardless of associated email address, are displayed. Each row on the table represents one thread entry on an incident, so there may be multiple rows per incident reference number. This compilation provides the following capabilities:
    • Searching - The Search box searches all columns for the text entered.
    • Sorting - Each column is sortable by clicking on column name.
    • Scrolling -To scroll horizontally, click into a line of data then use arrow keys, hold Shift+mouse scroll-wheel button, a side-click on the mouse scroll-wheel button (depending on the mouse), or the scroll bar at bottom of list.
    • Exporting:
      • CSV button will create an Excel/.csv file of all filtered information. File will be visible on bottom left of screen or can be found in your computer’s Downloads folder.
      • Copy button will copy all filtered information and allow you to paste into a file (Excel file recommended to retain formatting).
      • Export is recommended only for single use; not to download and use in lieu of RNT/Oracle Service Cloud.
      • Need help using Microsoft Excel? Free online courses are available in LinkedIn Learning.
    • View incident – RNT users may also click the view incident button that leads directly to a login page* for the web version of RNT.  Once in RNT, you may add a note (incident).  See Academic Advising group documentation (Advisee Lists and Contact) for information on entering notes in Web RNT or RNT Client.


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