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Get to Advisor Tools from My Advisees Dashboard:

  • 1) Browse to and use your and password to log in.
  • 2) From the left side menu select > Apps and Courses > My Apps.
  • 3) From the center of the page, under Resources heading, select > Advisor Tools. If you are a TriO counselor select > Advisor Tools - Trio.

To scroll horizontally, click on a specific student line of data and use one of the following scrolling options:

  • Use your keyboard arrow keys
  • OR Shift + rotate your mouse scroll-wheel
  • OR go to the bottom to use the scrollbar

Never registered / Not currently registered

Students with no registration record or current registration

Watch Finding unregistered advisees (instruction video)

  • 1) Click Last Term Reg column header once; this will sort blanks / least recent registrations to the top of the column.
  • 2) Check all boxes next to the students with blank Last Term Reg. If also looking for previously, not currently registered, continue checking boxes until you reach students that have registered for the current term.
  • 3) Click blue button, Create draft Outlook email with list, to contact this group.
  • 4) Use the Outlook link in the status box that displays the number of recipients included OR go to your Outlook and look in your Drafts folder listed under Inbox.
  • 5) Write the body of your email and send. Please note: There is a 500 email limit.

Alternate option (recommended for large numbers or those more comfortable with Excel)

Students with no registration record or current registration

  • 1) Go to your My Advisees Dashboard (instructions at top)
  • 2) Under the Filters, find and click the Copy button.
  • 3) Open a new Excel document (If you would like to retain the leading zeros on the Tech IDs, click on the arrow above the row labeled 1 then move into the highlighted area and right-click. Select Format Cells >Text from the Number tab > click OK.)
    • a) Click cell A1 then select Ctrl+V to paste your data.
    • b) Select and delete the first two rows to eliminate the extra table headers
    • c) Select and delete Column A (empty) and Column B (to delete the dashboard buttons).
    • d) Select and column LAST TERM REG by clicking on the column header and scroll down to de-select any terms for which registration is currently open.
    • e) Click Sort & Filter on the Home tab, select Filter.
    • f) Click on the filter, the funnel that now appears in the LAST TERM REG column header, and scroll down to de-select any terms for which registration is currently open. 
    • g) Scroll over to the email address fields and select all email addresses you would like to include in your communication.
  • 4) In Outlook, select New Email and paste the addresses into the BCC field so that your recipients will not be able to view the other email recipients.
  • 5) Write your email and send.


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