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Viewing the attendance for a student who no longer appears in your classlist.
View D2L attendance for each student in your class.
This article provides an overview of the way that quiz responses are saved.
When you enter D2L you are greeted with the Announcement area and can see often times several announcements.
ALL: Learn what Brightspace is and how to access the Login portal for D2L Brightspace.
FACULTY: Use Manage Dates to quickly and efficiently modify dates for any given course. (This is particularly handy to use after a course copy has been completed.)
The D2L Checklist tool allows you to create lists of items that must be completed for an assignment.
Information about the D2L Support site can be found in this article.
Student Access to D2L Courses After the End of the Semester.
Large files fail to upload to D2L
"Invalid file type " error message from D2L when submitting a document.
Instructions for printing a document stored in D2L
After changing email password other college systems still use the old password.
Why is my course in D2L not visible
How to view courses in D2L