How to Promote an Event

As a vibrant, diverse, urban university, many events and services take place at Metro State each year for internal, external, and combined audiences. Marketing and Communications staff can help promote these events and opportunities to their intended audiences through the use of university communications channels. Promotion requests are evaluated and published on the most appropriate channel(s) based on the criteria of relevance, timeliness, interest, and impact.   

Web events calendar

  • The events calendar is used to announce campus events and highlight information about the event such as its date, time, and location to an audience consisting of students, faculty, staff, and anyone else who accesses our website’s events calendar. 

  • Requests are made through TeamDynamix, and should be submitted a minimum of one week before the event in question.  

  • Submissions are reviewed and edited for clarity, brevity, and style with the audience and medium in mind.  

  • Faculty, staff, student organizations, and members of the campus community are eligible to request this service.  

Metro Moment 

  • Metro Moment is a weekly employee email newsletter sent out on Wednesdays through Metro State University’s employee listserv. Students do not receive Metro Moment. 

  • Submissions are sent to and are due at noon on the Monday before each Wednesday’s publication. 

  • Individual submissions should be brief (no more than 200 words), and may be edited for length, style, tone, and audience.  

Printed collateral (invitations, postcards, flyers) 

  • Metro State University employees may request design services for university marketing materials including but not limited to postcards, flyers, brochures, and program sheets. 

  • Requests are made through TeamDynamix. More complex collateral requests should involve a meeting with Marketing and Communications staff to determine how best to meet the requirements of the request. 

  • Design services requests take at least 15 business days to complete, with greater time required for items to be professionally printed.  

  • Faculty, staff, and students are eligible to request a digital file only. 

  • Faculty, staff, or students with prior budgetary approval are eligible to request a digital file and professionally printed material. 

Digital display screens 

  • The digital display system provides content for screens mounted in Metro State University’s Saint Paul campus hallways. The digital display system is meant to promote upcoming events, exhibits, and conferences, as well as announcements and items of general university interest. Content on the digital display screens should be brief and easy to read at a glance because the slides change every 10 seconds. 

  • Digital display system requests are made through TeamDynamix, and also can be identified as part of an events calendar requests (by checking the appropriate box on the event request form). Requests should be made a minimum of one week before a given event, where appropriate.   

  • After clicking Request Service in TeamDynamix, fill out the form and make sure to attach any images or documents for display in the “Attachments” field prior to clicking Submit. 

  • Faculty, staff, and students are eligible to make this request. 

Departmental/divisional webpages 

  • In general, it is better to promote events on the events calendar. In certain cases, such as program information sessions, events are promoted in syndicated links that populate on the appropriate college, department, and program pages.  


  • D2L promotions reach students and faculty accessing the D2L pages. This announcement space is reserved for D2L service information and university emergencies. Other announcements will be posted if space is available.  

  • To make submissions for a D2L posting, fill out the Service - D2L Brightspace Announcement Request.  

  • Events promoted on D2L should provide adequate lead time prior to the event, particularly in the weeks just before and just after the beginning of an academic term.  

  • Submissions may be edited for length, tone, and clarity. 

Bulletin boards  

  • Metro State University has a number of campus bulletin boards. These boards are managed by various departments or entities. There are Student Life and Leadership boards, bargaining unit boards for each union, college and departmental boards (usually near the relevant offices), and general university boards.  

  • Flyers for events tend to be most appropriately placed on Student Life and Leadership (SLLD) boards. Internal postings for events by departments may be posted on SLLD boards without prior approval or may be delivered to the SLLD office for placement.  

  • External events and student/student club-related events must drop off 8 to 10 copies to the SLLD office for review, approval, and posting.  

  • Use of other boards is governed by Administrative Affairs Policy 4010, with relevant rules and locations of boards listed on that policy page.  

Social Media

  • Social media is an excellent means to amplify event promotion efforts. Such posts are easiest to accommodate with clear, concise copy and accompanying images appropriate to the particular social media channel(s).

  • For event promotions on Metro State University’s primary social media channels, submit a Social Media Request Team Dynamix ticket. Include intended social media copy and attach intended imagery.  

  • Our platforms include the following: 

    • Twitter: @metrostateu 
    • LinkedIn: Metro State University 
    • Facebook: @metrostate 
    • Instagram: @metrostate 
    • YouTube: @metrostateuniversity786 
    • TikTok @metrostate 
  • Many departments/colleges/units have their own social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn. Coordinate with the administrator of individual areas’ social media page(s) about posting your event/service. 


  • Student Life and Leadership Development manages the Engage website ( Post and find news and event-related information for opportunities available to students. The site is a place for student clubs/organizations and internal departments to promote their opportunities.  

Large-format posters 

  • Student Life and Leadership Development has the ability to print large-format posters. Submit poster designs for printing to Student Life and Leadership Development staff.  

Sandwich board signs 

  • You may reserve large sandwich boards signs for promoting your event as individuals walk near the parking ramp or entrances to buildings. 

  • Reserve these boards by emailing Security in advance. You will be responsible for returning the boards to the security desk after the event has concluded. 

External event calendars and community newsletters 

  • Consider posting your event announcement to external calendars and community newsletters including:  

    • Payne Phalen Community Council 
    • East Side Area Business Association (ESABA) 
    • Visit Saint Paul 
    • Minnesota Spokesman Recorder 
    • Twin Cities Geek 
    • Minnesota Women's Press 
    • Minnesota Monthly 


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