D2L Brightspace Enrollment Request


  • Use this service to request access changes to a site in D2L including adding or removing users or opening a closed course for a student.

  • This service can be requested by the instructor or owner of the site.

  • Use the service request form for quickest service. If the form doesn’t fit the situation or if there are questions, the requestor should reach out to the IET service center at service.center@metrostate.edu

  • This service is intended for the enrollment of Metro State students and employees. If the person to be enrolled is not one of these, please submit your request to service.center@metrostate.edu and a D2L Brightspace site administrator will reach out to discuss options.

    • Requestors should include the first and last name, email, and Star or Tech of the person(s) to be enrolled. For multiple enrollees, requestors may submit an Excel spreadsheet or a csv file but please don’t mix ID types. In other words, if submitting multiple enrollees send all StarIDs or all techIDs or all of both but don’t mix and match.

  • We have many types of roles within the Learning Environment. What will the enrolled person need to do? Some examples include but are not limited to:

    • Guest Instructor: Not visible; Restricted to read only view in content and discussions.

    • Guest Instructor 2: Visible; Restricted to read only view in content and discussions

    • Guest Instructor 3: Instructor role with Guest Instructor title.

    • Guest Instructor 4: Instructor role with limited IP access. (No downloads or course copies.)

    • Instructor: Co-owner/developer of the site

    • Student: Consumer of the site 

    • Student Incomplete: Student role that allows for a student to not be constrained by the course begin and end dates.

      • We will open the course to the student. Faculty are responsible for ensuring students can access to what they need in the course. Faculty should remove end dates from assignments and quizzes so students can turn them in. An end date will stand in the way of student completing your course. Academic technology staff will not look for and are not responsible for making sure students have access to date-restricted course content such as assignment folders but are happy to help faculty who have questions about how to do this.

      • The student incomplete role that allows access to a closed course expires at the end of the semester in which the request is made unless otherwise requested.

    • Teaching Assistant 1: No gradebook

    • Teaching Assistant 2: No student data; only content

    • Teaching Assistant 3: Instructor role with Teaching Assistant title

    • Teaching Assistant 4: Read only for content and discussions

    • Teaching Assistant 5: Student role with Teaching Assistant title

    • Teaching Assistant 6: Grades only

    • Tutor: Student role with Tutor title


  • There are many reasons site owners request this service. For example, faculty request it to:

    • Give students finishing incompletes access to closed courses

    • Give access to colleagues filling in for them during leaves

    • Give access to colleagues who will be teaching the same course in the future

  • Departments often use this service to enroll students and faculty in non-credit bearing sites in D2L such as advising sites or course development sites

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