Qualtrics Access Request for Employees and Students


  • Qualtrics is a web-based tool used to create and deliver electronic surveys.

  • Employees with legitimate business need are eligible to request this service.

  • Faculty may request student access for the following purposes: research-based courses where Qualtrics will be used instructionally; and projects where students will be seeking HSRB approval

  • Before submitting this request you will need to log in to the Qualtrics site first. 


  • Create, test, modify, and distribute surveys

  • Collaborate on projects with other Metropolitan State users

  • Analyze open-ended text responses using Text iQ

  • Build reports that can be shared and modified using various visualization options

How to Request Employee Access

  •  Go to https://metrostateie.co1.qualtrics.com You may be prompted to enter your StarID@minnstate.edu and your StarID password (or you may be already logged in via Single Sign-On (SSO).
  • Once you are logged in a Welcome to Qualtrics page will appear with the disclaimer “You don’t have permission to create a project. Talk to your brand administrator to gain permission” as pictured below.

  • You are now ready to complete the online form, select the Request Service button located in the upper-right of this page; this will notify the Brand Administrator of your request for access and options.


Requesting Student & Student Worker Access

  • After you have completed and submitted the online request form you will notify the students whom you have requested access for that they will need to log in to the Qualtrics site first. Go to https://metrostateie.co1.qualtrics.com. They will receive the same Welcome screen and disclaimer.  This will notify the Brand Administrator of your request and the accounts will be provisioned.

NOTE: Student and Student workers have a slightly different login based on student type.

  • Students: will enter their StarID@go.minnstate.edu and StarID password.
  • Student Worker: will enter their StarID@minnstate.edu and StarID password. 


Request Service

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