Recycling and Trash Removal Request


  • Office trash and recycling will be removed 2x/week on Tuesdays and Fridays.

    • If you throw away food waste in our office trash please remove it from your suite at the end of the day and throw it in a hallway receptacles, these will get taken out/emptied daily.

  • Some areas may have additional removal needs due to an excess of trash or recycling, in which case submit a request for a one-time additional emptying of the trash and/or recycling in an office, hallway, classroom, or other campus space.

  • Faculty and staff are eligible to request this service.


  • Ensures a clean and comfortable environment for faculty, staff, administrators, students, and guests

  • Accounts for additional trash and recycling needs (ex: recent office refrigerator cleaning)


  • Review our knowledge base article to learn more about recycling.


Request Service


Service ID: 25817
Wed 2/7/18 10:53 AM
Thu 9/28/23 10:41 AM