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Ability for authorized admins to request membership changes to static, custom distribution lists.

Email lists are also referred to as a Listserv, a group list, mailing list, or distribution list. Request an Email list be made for your convenience.

Convert Word document content to HTML file type, built in an accessible manner.

Request a change to information on Metropolitan State University's public website.

Request data on the student feedback routinely provided through course evaluations and participation in national surveys.

Request computer lab and classroom software required for academic purposes. Please Note: Annual academic software request submission deadlines: Summer and Fall terms - Due March 15th; Spring term - Due October 15th.

Approved branded promotional items are available for purchase through a third party vendor.

Request data on the number of student registrations, total credit or full time equivalents.

Request information on a specific program major and minor.

Request data on age, ethnicity, full or part time students, and more.

Request eLumen access or role set up in eLumen learning assessment tool.