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Need guidelines on headshot and biography content? Read the content guidelines for faculty profiles.

1. Log in: Visit and log in.

2. Go to “My Profile”: After you log in, two drop-down menus become available in the blue “” ribbon at the top of the page (circled in red in the screenshot below). Your own name is the label for the menu that contains information and content specific to you. In these screenshots, it’s called “Your Name Here” but, again, you will see your name.

A screenshot of showing the visible location of the personalized menu on the page.

Select “My Profile” from the drop-down menu.

Visual location of the "My Profile" option in the personalized menu.

3. Review your data and go to the edit screen: The information on the profile review page (screenshot below) is separated into two columns: The left-hand column contains content that you may edit by yourself at any time. To edit this content, click either “Edit your profile” button.

The right-hand column contains data that is stored outside the website through Minnesota State’s ISRS system. It cannot be edited here or by submitting a web content change request. Find instructions for how to submit correction requests for this data by clicking “How to edit this” next to the field labels.

A screenshot of the profile review page.

4. The profile edit page: The profile edit page (screenshot below) has three fields for your profile: Headshot, Narrative Bio and List Bio.

  • Headshot: This is a high-quality, forward-facing photo of you in JPEG, PNG or GIF format. The image must be at least 650 pixels horizontally and vertically; the file cannot be more than 25 megabytes.
  • Pronouns: Select she/her, he/him, they/them, zie/hir, or enter custom text.
  • Narrative Bio: This is a professional, third-person biography. Ideally, narrative bios are 200 to 300 words long; there is an absolute limit of 500 words for this field. President Arthur’s bio is an example of a well-written narrative bio.
  • List Bio: The list bio is somewhat like a curriculum vitae. Use it to list your research interests and academic accomplishments.
  • For full guidelines for your headshot, narrative bio and list bio, read Faculty Profiles: Content guidelines.

a screen shot of the My Profile Public Profile page

4a. Upload and crop a headshot: Click “Choose File” and select a file to upload from your computer. When the file is successfully uploaded, you will see a preview of it (screenshot below). Headshots are cropped square on Metropolitan State’s website. You may set a crop of your photo by adjusting the square box that overlays your photo and, when happy with the crop, clicking “Reset crop.” Setting a crop, however, is not required.

If your image is too small or the file size is too large, you will receive an error message and your headshot will not be uploaded.

A screenshot of the headshot preview.

4b .. Select pronouns: Either select from the list, or choose "other" and enter custom text.

A screenshot of the pronouns dropdown.

4c.. Add or edit your narrative bio: Either copy and paste or write directly in this field. You may use italics for titles of long works, but all other formatting (including the addition of links and images) is disallowed. Formatting in text pasted into this field from another source (including Microsoft Word or another website) may not be preserved. The field cannot exceed the 500-word limit.

4d.. Add or edit your list bio: Either copy and paste or write directly in this field. You may use italics, bulleted lists, numbered lists and section headings, but all other formatting (including the addition of links and images) is disallowed. Formatting in text pasted into this field from another source (including Microsoft Word or another website) may not be preserved. This field cannot exceed the 1,000-word limit.

  • To insert a new bulleted or numbered list: Start a new list by clicking the bulleted or numbered list icon in the toolbar. Create new list items by inserting a line break (that is, hitting return on your keyboard). To close the list, either hit return twice or click the icon for bulleted or numbered lists again.
  • To convert existing text to a bulleted or numbered list: Highlight all of the lines you wish to convert to a list and click the bulleted or numbered list icon.
  • To add italics: Select the text you wish to italicize and hit the “I” icon in the toolbar.


5. Microsoft Bookings page

This page is intended for use by professional and faculty advisors, TRIO counselors and admissions counselors to add Bookings page urls to their profile on the student-facing My Advisor Dashboard.

These Bookings page links will not display on (public website) faculty and staff profiles.

Bookings page ursls added here, will also prepopulate your My Signature (Outlook signature generator). 

a screenshot of the My Profile Microsoft Bookings page

5a. Copy your service booking page url(s) from Microsoft Bookings and paste (Ctrl + v) into the appropriate field.  


6. Cancel, save a draft or submit for publication: When you’re done, you may (1) cancel the changes you made, (2) save as draft to continue working on your profile later, or (3) submit to publication queue. After clicking one of these buttons, you will return to the profile overview screen; a message will confirm that your changes were successfully saved. The status bar of your profile should also change from “Published” to “Submitted to the publication queue” (as it is in this screenshot) or to “Saved as a draft.”

Screenshot of the status messages displayed after the profile edits are saved and submitted.

7. Publication: After a review by Marketing and Communications, you will receive an email notification that your profile has been approved for publication or that your edits have been put on hold. If your profile edits are approved, the profile will be synchronized with the main website within 24 hours. If your edits are placed on hold, the email will contain the rationale and suggestions for potential remedies.

Additional Information

  • View My Profile: Edit ISRS Data Request for corrections to profile information that comes from ISRS data. Submitted requests are routed to the appropriate department for making updates to ISRS.
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