Admissions CRM-Slate

Slate CRM has been in use for Admissions for processes supporting prospects and inquiries starting Monday, June 12, 2023. While it the change may have been invisible to most Metro State administration and staff, in this early stage there were several improvements, including: 

  • A new Request for Information form, Group Visit/Presentation request form, Alumni Referral form and the ability to self-schedule Campus Tours

  • Prospective students who request information will be added to an automated email drip marketing campaign (new feature not available in RNT); they will also now be assigned to a specific Admissions counselor for ongoing Admissions follow-up and questions. 

  • Admissions will gain efficiencies in reduced manual data entry, improved counselor communication with their assigned students, and duplicate record management.  They will have improved visibility into previous interactions and into data related to their assigned prospective students.   

This initial phase will continue to be iteratively improved and expanded (expand use of event management, prospect list loads and drip marketing).  In addition, planning for phase 2 (application and decision) will begin as soon as possible. 

Admissions and IET share post-implementation responsibilities related to use, maintenance and expansion of Slate for Admissions.  They are outlined within the Slate CRM Request and the attachment within it.

More details on the CRM project as a whole can also always be found in the monthly CRM Solutioning Update (progress report) on my.metro. 


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