my.metro: Report an Issue or Contact a Group Admin

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Experiencing a Technical website issue? 

  • Should you encounter a website issue when using, please Report an Incident.

Have Questions / Feedback about website content? contains a number of content groups. Each user has membership that may include one or several content groups. To submit web content related: questions, issues, or feedback, you can send a message to a group administrator; for example, because:

  • I can’t locate something
  • A link is broken
  • I’m having trouble with a document
  • I have some feedback

Contacting the right content group administrator:

  • Located in the upper right of the page, next to your name, use the My groups menu to select the group in question.

  • Select the Contact group admin button. You can now select a topic, add your message, and when you are finished, select the Send your message button.


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