Ally: Instructor's Accessibility Score Indicators

Accessibility Score Indicators

Within the content area, instructors can see (and instructors only) indicators next to their documents in the table of contents:

Screenshot of Content in D2L, highlighting the score indicators on two content topics. The third content topic does not have an indicator.

The indicators are next to topics that are able to be scanned. In the example above, the link is unable to be scanned and so there is no indicator.

When you enter a topic that can be scanned, the indicator is to the right of the topic name:

Screenshot showing the indicator when looking within a document. (It is to the right of the topic title, context menu and the Alternative Formats icon.)

You can note by the indicators how your document measures up against the accessibility checker.

The desired outcome would be for the documents of the course to be green with a flat meter line. This would indicate a very high accessibility score. Yellow and red indicators flag those documents that could use some help.

If you click on the indicator, Ally will explain what is wrong with the document and in most cases give you the steps to improve the document's accessibility score.


Blackboard Ally explains Accessibility Score indicators opens in new window and how you can use them to help you improve your course. 


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