MFA Main Article: Set up O365 Multi-factor Authentication

General Information - MFA Automatic Enrollment

What is Multi-Factor Authentication for O365?

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), in some instances referred to as 2-Factor authentication, is a form of authentication which provides an added layer of protection, beyond just your password. This added authentication verification helps verify that a person logging in to an account is authorized to access that account.
  • Once you have enrolled in O365 MFA, after entry of your MinnState credentials to log in to O365 applications, you will receive a notification via the MFA notification option you selected during set up (a text, a phone call, or mobile Microsoft Authenticator App verification) to verify it is you logging in to your account.
  • The O365 multi-factor authentication is a service provided through the Minnesota State Microsoft O365 tenant. The Minnesota State System Office IT in partnership with each Minnesota State institution is requiring all accounts to have MFA enrollment. This solution helps protect not only your account, but all data and applications connected to the Minnesota State O365 tenant.   

Does Multi-Factor Authentication store my personal phone data?

  • No. None of your personal data is stored from any phone device you select for MFA set up and enrollment or by installing and using the Microsoft Authenticator app. MFA is not designed for data storage, it’s design and purpose is as an authentication utility. The Microsoft Authenticator app verifies authentication within the sign-in process in order to access Minnesota State O365 provided below.

What are the supported MFA applications?

How do I set up MFA added protection?

  • Follow the instructions included below.
  • If you are both employee and student, you will need to set up MFA on both your employee and student accounts.
  • If you are employed or take classes at multiple Minnesota State University / Colleges you only need to do this once per employee/student account.

Step 1) Review O365 MFA Verification Options:

  • Reviewing the MFA verification options first will help you determine which of the three options will be most convenient for you.
  • Keep in mind you will need to have immediate access to the phone you will select for the verification option whenever you log into O365 applications.
  • Provided you have a smartphone (an iPhone or Android phone), it is highly recommended to use the Microsoft Authenticator app with approval notification.
  • If you have a cell phone without smart capabilities or a cell phone with call-only capability use Authentication phone.

Verification Options:

  • Option 1) Microsoft Authenticator Mobile App (iPhone, Android smartphones):
  • This option with use of approval notification for verification is highly recommended.
  • TIP: Watch this short video: Multi-factor Enrollment - Automatic
    • Contact Method Choices:
      • Receive notification for verification: Receive approval notification for verification sent to your smartphone.
        • Recommended smartphone choice, offering convenient one tap approval verification from your smartphone.
      • User verification code: Receive verification code sent to your smartphone
        • This option continually generates a verification code sent to your smartphone which requires you to accurately enter the code for verification.
  • Option 2) Authentication Phone: Recommended option for phones with call-only capability and cell phones that do not have smartphone capabilities.
    • Contact Method Choices:
      • Phone Call: Robo call to your phone which requires you to tap “#” on your phone for verification
      • Phone Text:  6-digit code text sent to your cell phone which requires you to accurately enter the code for verification
  • Option 3) Office phone
    • Please be aware if you select this option you will always need to be in proximity of your desk phone during all authentication in to O365 applications.
      • Office Phone Call: Robo call to your desk phone which requires you to tap “#” on your phone for verification

Step 2) Complete Automatic Enrollment MFA Setup Instructions:

Tip: Before you begin set up it will be helpful to take a moment to review the instructions, provided in the links below, for the option you would like to set up.

What you will need before you begin MFA set up:

  1. Immediate access to the Phone Device you will select for the verification option
  2. A Computer with Internet connectivity

Select the instructions for the verification option you would like to set up: