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  • What is the "Technology Services Chat" option on my desktop?


This is another way for Staff, Faculty and Students to contact Institutional Effectiveness and Technology (IET) when using a university owned device.

  • An icon has been added to your desktop if you have a university owned computer.

Example image of Technology Services Chat button

  • After double clicking our chat button, you will be greeted with two options for how to proceed.

Example image of the chat connection window

  • Connect with Support Team - automatically connects you to the next available IET Services technician over chat.
  • Enter a Session Key - When contacting IET Services by phone, the technician can give you a session key to enter that will automatically connect you to the individual you are speaking with.

Example image of the chat window

  • You will then see a window notifying you that we are attempting to connect you with a technician. It is within this window that you may be asked to give the technician access to view your screen live and give keyboard and mouse control. The technician will only be able to view your screen if you grant permission.

  • If you receive this window when trying to connect, you will be redirected to our Service Portal where you can search for knowledge base articles to provide information that may help you solve a problem you are experiencing or submit a ticket to request further assistance.
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