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Chart that shows which Username to use for signing into different college applications and services.
ALL: Learn what Brightspace is and how to access the Login portal for D2L Brightspace.
MFA Self-Enrollment Instructions: set up campus office phone.
Instructions to set up an alternate back-up sign in option(s) or add or make changes to MFA settings after you have set up and enrolled in MFA.
Instructions to view and select an alternate sign-in verification phone option you have set up. Instructions assume you have set up and are enrolled in MFA and have set one or more alternate sign-in options for MFA verification.
How do I access my college email account? What other logins will I need to use?
How to change password when the email password expires before the StarID password does.
Login instructions for web-based outlook
Unable to login to email after changing StarID password.
Instructions on how to login to a computer located in the Computer Lab.
After changing email password other college systems still use the old password.
How do I access my MN State college email account? Are there other logins I might use?