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When you enter D2L you are greeted with the Announcement area and can see often times several announcements.
ALL: Learn what Brightspace is and how to access the Login portal for D2L Brightspace.
This article describes how to share a Zoom recording to D2L Brightspace via Kaltura MediaSpace.
This article covers how to add personalization to the "From" field when sent by an Intelligent Agent.
Viewing the attendance for a student who no longer appears in your classlist.
View D2L attendance for each student in your class.
This articles describes the features built into D2L Brightspace. D2L Brightspace is a learning environment engineered with learning in mind. Faculty can supplement their in-class courses or use it to deliver 100% of their course online.
This article describes how to send an email to an individual student, a group of students, or the entire class through D2L
Videos in Kaltura MediaSpace can be linked out to D2L Brightspace using the Share feature of MediaSpace. The steps described in this article will help you post your videos within D2L Brighspace.
Respondus Monitor is a remote proctoring tool that conveniently integrates with D2L. It uses the student’s webcam and microphone to record testing sessions for later review. This software contributes to academic integrity by providing a way to verify student identity and by providing a deterrent to cheating.