External Event Space Reservation (no login required)

Reserve an event space on the Saint Paul Campus to host a non-Metropolitan State University affiliated event.
If there is an official event name, please enter it below. If not, type a meaningful title.
Will this event be spanning multiple days?
This starts the clock for incurring hourly space fees. For those with decorations, catering, or other additional set-up needs, select a reservation start date and time that allows for such pre-event activities.
What time will the event officially start? Ie: Guests will arrive and the event will begin.
When will the event officially end?
This is when you will have any take-down of decorations or catering completed by. Please note that security locks the building no later than 1:00 AM.
Please include the name and contact information for the individual responsible for coordinating this event.
Official start date and time of the second day of the event
Official event end date and time
Will your event be more than five days? Please list specific dates and times for those additional dates below.
What campus(es) will this event take place on?
Saint Paul event spaces are reserved through this form, other locations have their own reservation systems/processes. Make sure to reach out to that campus to reserve space.
What campus(es) will this event take place on?
Event Space(s)
Please select the space(s) you are requesting to reserve.
Event Space(s)
Is there a specific space not listed that you intend to hold your internal event? Let us know the building and room number.
Event Set-Up
Event set-up configurations are available for reference here: https://services.metrostate.edu/TDClient/KB/Art...
Event Set-Up
If serving food at the event, must use a university-approved caterer.
Find more info here: https://services.metrostate.edu/SBTDClient/KB/A...
The form for events seeking to serve alcohol can be found here:
This must be completed and attached to this ticket.
Attach forms as needed.

Custom event set-ups require the completion of an event space blank worksheet, these can be found here: https://services.metrostate.edu/TDClient/KB/Art...

Serving alcohol at an event require the completion of the Minnesota State checklist , this can be found here: http://www.minnstate.edu/Board/procedure/5-18p2...
Do you intend to advertise this event through invitations, flyers, social media, etc.?
Please estimate the number of attendees. If one hundred or more, please indicate that.
Who will attend this event?
Who do you plan to have attending this event? Please check all that apply.
Who will attend this event?
Event needs
Parking vouchers are available for purchase.
Pricing can be viewed here: https://services.metrostate.edu/TDClient/KB/Art...
Event needs
This may be different than the primary event representative.
This person must have authority to sign a contract on behalf of the organization.
This number is listed on your organizations Federal W-9 form.
The full details of a ticket, including any appropriate circumstances or supplementary information that may aid in resolving it.
Press Alt + 0 within the editor to access accessibility instructions, or press Alt + F10 to access the menu.
Event Terms of Agreement
Please read the following terms, and in the drop down below tiled 'Acceptance of Terms of Agreement' and select yes or no. If you do not agree to the terms of agreement your request for event space may be denied.
I understand that I am responsible and agree to the following:
I am responsible to provide a Certificate of Liability.
I am responsible to update this request and/or notify Building Services of any changes to this event.
I understand that any changes to this event are subject to re-approval.
I am responsible to make sure all charges are paid.
I understand that request for classroom space as an addition to an event is subject to the university class schedule and cannot be guaranteed.
I agree to follow all university policies and procedures.
As the event requestor, by selecting Yes from the Acceptance of Terms of Agreement drop down, I am accepting responsibility for all terms outlined in the Event Terms of Agreement section of this form and agree to follow all university policies and procedures throughout the planning, execution and clean up associated with this event.

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